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“I stand with Governor Ron DeSantis in the fight to Keep Florida Free. For years, I have passionately advocated on behalf of Seminole County parents and children to fight unethical government practices, expose corruption, and protect our constitutional rights.

It’s time for a new generation of leaders to step up, take the reins, and become a voice for Seminole County residents. It’s time to put your best interests over political special interests. With your vote, I will take Seminole County in a new direction to restore public trust in local government, enhance opportunities for the next generation, and maintain the incredible quality of life this community has to offer."
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Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2
Brittany's Vision for Seminole County

Balanced Zoning Policies

Preserve Rural Seminole

Job Creation & Economic Growth

Law & Order

Tax Cuts for Families & Local Business

Audit County’s Budget & Spending       

Limited Government Policies

Ethics & Lobbying Reform

The Election Is Right Around The Corner! 
August 23, 2022

Republican Candidate Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2

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