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Republican Candidate Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2

No New Taxes.

Brittany believes that with inflation and rising home costs, County leaders should be searching for ways to reduce the tax burden on Seminole County families and businesses.  As Commissioner, Brittany will pledge to support no new taxes during her term in office.

Smart Development & Diversified Housing Options.

Seminole County has seen a rapid surge in new development of high-density rental housing in recent years, but affordable housing continues to be a growing issue. Rent continues to skyrocket while home values follow close behind, making it nearly impossible for new families and first-time homebuyers to pursue homeownership. Brittany believes that increasing the inventory of single-family homes, townhomes, and other housing options in Seminole County is a critical element to creating attainable housing solutions.


As Commissioner, Brittany will work to incentivize developers to build a variety of housing options, outside of high-rise/high density, to serve the new families & first-time buyers looking to establish roots in Seminole County. Smart development policies consider all aspects of a community, from infrastructure to its existing residents. Brittany is standing up for our taxpayers to give them a voice in matters, such as rezoning and major land use amendment proposals, that affect their property values and quality of life.

Required Lobbyist Registration.

 Orange County requires total transparency in their commissioners’ dealing with developers and special interests, however, Seminole County requires none. Brittany will support mandatory lobbyist registration and disclosure so that the people know when their elected officials are being lobbied by special interests, and what they are discussing behind closed doors. No more backroom deals.

An Independent Voice.

As commissioner, Brittany will bring independent leadership, energy, and ideas to local government. Brittany will question the status quo and fight for the people in the battle against big government policies.

Protecting Rural Seminole.

Brittany pledges to always defend, protect, and preserve Seminole County’s rural communities. She will always honor the will of her constituents and will fight boldly for your best interests; not political & developer special interests.

Term Limits of Eight Years.

The Florida Constitution limits the amount of time State Legislators can serve in Tallahassee, and as commissioner, Brittany will offer language to amend the charter to allow Seminole County voters to determine whether “EIGHT IS ENOUGH”.

Brittany Backs the Blue and the Blue Backs Brittany.

Brittany is proud to have the endorsement of the Coastal Florida PBA, the union of the brave men and women of law enforcement.  As county commissioner, Brittany will ALWAYS vote on the side of law and order.  Brittany’s support from law enforcement comes from their trust and confidence in her commitment to honoring and respecting their role in a civilized society. 

No Mandates. No Lockdowns. Never Again. 

As County Commissioner, Brittany starts with the belief that we are free people, able to come and go as we please.  She believes there is no room for government to mandate health decisions or deem your business as “essential” or ‘nonessential”.  Brittany understands that EVERY business is essential, EVERY citizen has a right to live at their own risk, and EVERY liberty must be protected and defended. Brittany is a proven freedom fighter and she will take bold action against ALL heavy-handed government policies.


Geneva, FL

Horsepower Ranch owner Scott McElroy endorses Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2.

Republican Candidate Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2
Republican Candidate Brittany Walker for Seminole County Commissioner District 2

With your vote on August 23rd, we can return Seminole County to it’s citizens and bring transparent and accountable leadership to local office. #Walker4Seminole

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